What’s Going On at Flying Free?

0122151621-02Who Am I?

I’m a counselor, or therapist – both terms work.  I have a Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in counseling, from the University of the Rockies in Colorado.  I volunteer with Finding Our Voices, a non-profit in Colorado Springs for survivors of sexual assault and their supporters.  I attend quite a few classes, symposiums, lectures, & workshops – my high school’s motto was ‘Life-Long Learning’ – and I think it stuck 🙂

I’m a registered counselor in the state of Colorado. Colorado has a two-tiered system for counselors. Once you have a master’s degree, you take some tests & stuff and you are registered with the state as a Registered Counselor.  After that, you log your experience, continuing education, all that stuff, and when you have enough hours, you get to take MORE tests and become a Licensed Counselor.  It takes a few years to get to that next stage.

What do I do?

As a therapist, I do a number of different things (and you’d heard therapists just sat and talked to people lying on couches 😉 )


I do talk to people one-on-one, although they aren’t required to lie on a couch.

I do art therapy. 0122151620-05Art therapy uses a wonderful variety of techniques and paints, ink, glue, paper, clay, and so much more to express what words don’t always manage. I do art therapy with individuals, groups, and at workshops.

I do dance & movement therapy.  Dance or movement therapy is another way to express yourself without words. It isn’t about being an excellent performer – many people who do dance therapy are not at all interested in performing. It’s about being expressive and using movement to express ideas, feelings, thoughts and most importantly, to express yourself.  I do dance therapy with individuals, with couples and groups, and again, I do workshops.


I lead groups. Currently I am leading a group for survivors of childhood neglect.  Neglect is a type of trauma that is often, well, neglected when people consider different kinds of childhood trauma, but it is very real, and very damaging to the spirit of anyone, most particularly a child.


Currently I am not scheduled to lead any workshops within the next 3 months.

Where Am I?

I practice in Fountain, Colorado (which is a suburb of Colorado Springs). I also serve as an ‘on-call therapist; at some events & workshops for abuse or trauma survivors, or just at events that people think it might be nice to have someone available for people to talk to if necessary.  I might be found co-counseling at another therapist’s office, or teaching a class or leading a workshop just about anywhere 🙂

Where Else To Find Me

I’ll be presenting a painting at the Colorado Springs International Women’s Day Celebration.  March 5, 9 – 12 (morning) at The Pinery on the Hill. Take a look here for more info


Places to contact me:

I’m available through Thumbtack:

Or: you can up lots of great counselors, including me, on Psychology Today’s ‘Find a Therapist’ pages:  then click on the ‘find a therapist tab


If you’re interested in counseling, coming to a group, in having me teach a workshop at your event, or want to talk more, contact me through the form below.


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